San Jose, California, May 17, 2000
Unthinkable Research today officially released Thing Detective version 1.0
for MacOS at the 2000 Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, where it was
demonstrated on stage at the “QuickTime and MacOS X” session.

Thing Detective is a powerful new utility that provides detailed
information about components on MacOS computers. It’s an indispensable tool
that can be used to help develop and debug components, to learn how to use
the components provided by QuickTime and the MacOS operating system, and to
determine what component capabilities are available on MacOS computers.

With Thing Detective, you can:

* Get a comprehensive list of the components installed on a MacOS computer;
* Filter the component list to display only components with a particular
type, subtype, and/or manufacturer;
* Determine what processor a component has been compiled for;
* Get the name, icon, information, version, and reference constant of a
* Locate the file that a component was registered from, and get its file
* Examine the component (‘thng’) resource of a component;
* Determine whether a component is an alias, and locate the component that
it’s aliased to;
* Display a component’s resource map;
* Query components for supported flags and request codes;
* Determine whether a component was registered from a file or from memory;
* View online technical documentation about component types.

Thing Detective version 1.0 for MacOS has an introductory price of $49 USD,
and is available for purchase online starting today at

Unthinkable Research also announced that Thing Reporter for MacOS, a simple
utility that provides only a list of installed components, has been updated
to version 1.0.2 and can be downloaded at no charge from

System Requirements:
MacOS 8.1 or later, QuickTime 3.0 or later, and a PowerPC Macintosh computer.

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