When it comes to bang for your buck, you really can’t beat the new iMacs. The all-in-one’s rev will certainly spur Apple’s desktop sales, which have been slow compared to the company’s laptop sales.

It’s true that they’re not revolutionary updates — the design is still the same — but they’re substantial updates just the same. Here are some random thoughts on the new desktops.

I had hoped that the new iMacs might sport a “Retina Display,” but I didn’t really expect them to. Oh well, maybe next time.

A high-DPI mode for resolution independence has purportedly been in development at Apple for a long time and may be coming at long last with Mac OS X Lion. This hints that Apple may expect 200ppi+ laptop and desktop displays to become available during Lion’s lifetime. The system is reliant on pixel doubling and asset redesign, like the move from the iPhone 3G to the iPhone 4, instead of using vector graphics or 3D rendering, meaning this is more about clarity than a real change in user interface design.

Of course, I would also have loved to have seen Blu-ray added as an option, but I would have been shocked had this happened.

I don’t mind the glossy display, but some folks are unhappy that Apple isn’t offering matte antiglare screens. If this is a concern to you, voice your opinion at macmatte.wordpress.com .

Apple continues to have big love for multi-touch. You can buy the new iMac with a wired Apple Mouse, a wireless Magic Mouse OR the Magic Trackpad. (For US$69 more, you can get both the Magic Mouse and the Magic Trackpad.)

Too bad the iMac didn’t get the respect it deserves at Apple’s home page. The top spot is still touting the white iPhone. Really Apple? A white iPhone gets the spotlight over a new iMac?

— Dennis Sellers