Seapine Software has announced details about its release of Seapine ALM 2011.1. The new version of this popular application lifecycle management suite of tools will include customer-requested features, including enhancements to help software developers and testers better meet internal and industry standards and regulations, says Jeff Amfahr, director of product management, Seapine Software.

Seapine ALM 2011.1 includes new features and enhancements for TestTrack, Surround SCM, and QA Wizard Pro. The changes include enhancements for enabling better creation and re-use of test cases, tracking test execution progress, and ensuring adherence to best practices and compliance requirements during testing.

Seapine ALM 2011.1 also adds new Surround SCM features, including support for shelving in-progress changes, enhanced trigger capabilities, and more. Seapine added workflow history diagrams and improved task board and traceability reports to TestTrack, as well as TestTrack TCM enhancements. One such enhancement is a detail grid view that provides new format for analyzing test run results. Compliance options for test runs are also new for TestTrack TCM in 2011.1.

A new QA Wizard Pro features include a new Keyword View, status tool enhancements, and general report improvements. In addition to the Microsoft Silverlight support added in 2011.0.1, Seapine also added support for the regression testing of Adobe Flash applications with QA Wizard Pro.

Seapine ALM 2011.1 will be released mid-May. More information, including “What’s New in Seapine ALM 2011.1,” a recorded webinar that demonstrates the new features, can be found at .