Equinux has announced Mail Designer. This new Mac App allows users to create individual mail designs for newsletters, offers, invitations or personal emails that can be sent to customers, colleagues or any larger group of recipients.

Each Mail Design can be saved as a template and sent through Apple Mail. To keep things simple, a variety of predefined layout blocks including headlines, text objects and multicolumn layouts can be dragged, dropped and rearranged, says equinux CEO Till Schadde. Numerous textures and background patterns are also included.

Artists, agents and businesses can integrate their own cooperate designs into Mail templates and integrate dynamic content. Mail Designer includes graphics, text-objects and dynamic and customizable text and image placeholders. With tools, rulers and guides, users can create customer newsletters, and each mail design can be saved as a template that can be used repeatedly.

Mac users who already use Stationery Pack, Stationery Pack 2 or Stationery Pack Business Edition can edit the templates in Mail Designer. Mail Designer is also fully compatible with equinux Stationery Collections: Birthday Cards, Summer Spirit Cards or even the entire Season’s Greetings Collections.

Mail Designer is available today in the equinux Online Store (http://www.equinux.com) for USS$69.95 . A boxed product version will be available soon at Apple retailers. Mail Designer can also be purchased together with Stationery Pack Business Edition, a collection of more than 200 professional mail designs for businesses, as a $99.95 bundle.