To: Web8REALbasic@The Monkeybread Software Realbasic plugin includes from
version 3.2pr17 on the popuplar pdf library in version 5.0 in it’s Pro part.

The PDF library from is a crossplatform way to create pdf files.
You can choose between the open source library and a commercial version of
the library which includes some pdf import functions.

The original PDFlib manual and their license files are included with the
Pro part of the plugin.

Of course there is also a plugin in the MBS Plugin collection to read and
write PDF files on Mac OS X using Coregraphics.

About the plugin collection:

The MBS Plugin collection includes currently (3.2pr22) 95 plugins which add
over 4800 functions, properties and events to Realbasic (including over 280

The plugin is offered as a package for 40 Euro to private/shareware
developers and for 80 Euro to commercial/company users.


Main plugin page:
( Follow the link
to the download page to find the latest prerelease.

Notes on Realbasic for Windows:

The plugin package works with Realbasic 5.0 and 5.1. But there is still a
bug in Realbasic for Windows, so the plugin doesn’t work, till the bug is
fixed with one of the first RB 5.2 prereleases.

So if you want to compile application with the plugins used, you need a Mac
to compile them (for all three platforms).

Christian Schmitz

Four thousand functions in one REALbasic plug-in. The MBS Plugin.