has released ParentsRemote, a tool for parents looking to protect their kid’s in a digital world. It “makes it simple for you to monitor and control your children’s computer remotely using an interface that is as familiar as an advanced television remote control,” says CEO Marko Kostyrko.

A built-in key logger and history monitor help the user keep track of who their child is communicating with online and keep track of the contents of the conversation. The user can obtain recently visited websites, downloads, and programs, and decide what action to take. 

Users can access the built-in web camera and desktop screenshots lets the user take photos inside their child’s room. ParentsRemote gives the user the ability to discover what is happening on their child’s screen. These activities can also be automatically recorded at the interval of the user’s choice. Remote volume and power controls let the user coperate their child’s computer directly from their computer and dedicated instant messaging allows the user tell their children what to do.

Pricing for ParentsRemote is US$39.99. A trial version is available at .