Napkin Studio ( is giving away “What’s
On?” application for the iPhone and iPod touch is available free to
consumers through the end of today, “Cyber Monday,” at the Apple App
Store. It’s normally US$0.99.

What’s On TV? provides a way for people with active lives who cannot
always keep track of what will be on TV when they get home. A
portable TV channel guide for the iPhone or iPod touch, What’s On?
provides a complete programming guide at the touch of a button.
What’s On? is being offered at no charge to expose the largest
possible audience to its power and functionality, says David
Stanfill, president of Napkin Studio.

The upcoming 2.0 release will give What’s On? users exclusive
features not available elsewhere, he adds. What’s On? supports the
major local, regional and national TV providers including: AT&T
U-verse, Comcast Cable, DirecTV, Dish Network, Time Warner Cable,
Verizon FIOS, as well as local providers.