Rage Software & DerazSoft Release WebDesign 1.2.1

Toronto, Canada – September 29, 2001 – Rage Software & DerazSoft Release
WebDesign 1.2.1. A maintanance update to the popular Macintosh HTML Editor.

WebDesign allows you to visually create HTML elements, including forms and
image maps and insert them into your document. With WebDesign you have
complete control over your HTML code and can modify it any way you want.

WebDesign brings many unique features to HTML editors on the Mac. Some
powerful features include; downloading web sites right from the internet,
condensing text, creating Image Maps and other HTML components visually,
and browsing local and remote volumes while editing your web pages.

WebDesign’s features are very extendable though the use of plugins. The
WebDesign’s Plugin Maker which allows all users, even users with no
programming experience, to customize WebDesign’s features through a visual
development environment. Users are able to use the Plugin Maker to create
custom wizards or Language Extensions to aid in their HTML editing.

New In Version 1.2.1

WebDesign 1.2.1 brings support for Mac OS X 10.1. It also fixes some issues
with version 1.2. Specifically it fixes a crash when occasionally dragging
an object into the text editor and a few memory leaks. The file browser has
also been improved in this update.

This version is a free upgrade to registered users.

Pricing and Availability

The prices for WebDesign are as follows;

Standard License $29.95
Site License $399.95 (299.95 Academic)
Worldwide License $799.95 ($699.95 Academic)

WebDesign can be purchase through Rage Software’s secure online store at;

WebDesign can be downloaded from the Rage Software web site at

Or the DerazSoft web site at;

More Information

For More Information on WebDesign please visit the Rage Software Web site

Or the DerazSoft web site at;

View WebDesign FAQs at;

Learn more about extending WebDesign’s functionality through plugins at;

About Rage Software

Founded in 1999, Rage Software has been providing quality Macintosh
software including a wide range of file management tools and web authoring
products. Rage Software aims to provide useful and time saving applications
to Mac users at an affordable price.

Rage Software is the author of many popular Macintosh utilities including
WebDesign, Macintosh Explorer, Invisible Finder and CSM Maker. More
information can be found about these products at Rage Software’s products have won many
favorable reviews in major industry publications including MacWorld, Mac
People, Apple Developer Connection News, MACUP, Mac Addict and

About DerazSoft

Derazsoft is a company dedicated to bringing quality software to the
Macintosh community. Along with Rage Software, Derazsoft helped release
WebDesign as one of the most innovative editors of its kind on the market.
Derazsoft continues it’s quest to create software that benefits novices and
professionals alike.

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