Applications for Life Company has announced Patterno 2.0 (, an update to the utility that creates background images and tiled patterns for Mac OS X.

Patterno creates stripes, mosaics, tiled patterns and much more. Even the complex bokeh-like effect can be created with just a few mouse clicks, according to the folks at Applications for Life. It’s designed for business and post cards design, book covers design and many other graphics areas where the eye-catching image is essential.

Patterno comes with more than 50 templates to start from. It provides “generators” that can be configured to create various effects. All the configuration is done by the small number of sliders.

Patterno features a real-time preview and doesn’t require Adobe Photoshop or any other software to run. It costs US$30 and requires Mac OS X 10.6 (“Snow Leopard”). A demo version is available for download.