Adobe has announced the Adobe Pass service, a new authentication solution that enables pay TV subscribers to access premium content from virtually any Internet-connected device.

Leveraging the Flash Platform and HTML5, Adobe Pass allows pay TV providers and content owners alike to deliver a wider range of content on more platforms — including Mac, Windows, iOS, Blackberry and Google TV systems. Promoted by the broadcast and cable industry as TV Everywhere, Adobe Pass makes it possible for pay TV providers to authenticate their paying subscribers online and provide them with the anytime, anywhere content experiences that audiences crave, taking TV Everywhere from concept to reality, says Pritham Shetty, vice president for Rich Media Solutions, Adobe.

Adobe Pass creates a way for pay TV subscribers to view content across multiple websites with just one sign in and doesn’t require any additional downloads. Shetty says this eliminates one of the biggest barriers to TV Everywhere adoption — a complicated validation process that requires many registrations and downloads. Adobe Pass validates a user’s right to pay TV content behind the scenes, requiring no additional user action, while continuing to ensure that access to the content remains protected and secure, he adds

The solution leverages Flash along with Adobe Flash Access for enhanced security. Adobe Pass also utilizes HTML5 for devices where Adobe Flash technology is not yet available (ie, iOS devices).

The Adobe Pass solution enables content providers and programmers to adjust to a changing market — allowing consumers to watch pay TV outside of their living room, while staying committed to a single provider, according to Shetty. Industry leaders already working with Adobe Pass include Turner Broadcasting System Inc., MTV Networks, Comcast and Synacor (on behalf of DISH Network’s and others).

Adobe Pass product information can be found at . For pricing and availability contact Adobe at . Adobe Pass will also be offered via certified Adobe Pass Enablement Partners. Current partners include Brightcove and Limelight Networks. Adobe Pass is fully deployed and available today.