Akvis (http://www.Akvis.com) has released Akvis HDRFactory 1.0, which is compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and higher. The software creates HDR-images from a series of photographs taken at different exposures or from a single photograph.

You can create stylized images with colors and unique effects. HDRFactory also includes a deghosting tool for removing ghost artifacts that sometimes appear when combining photos with moving objects. The app can also be used for photo correction. You can adjust color saturation and brightness, and bring out the detail in dark and bright areas.

Advanced types of licenses (Deluxe, Business) offer additional features. They include a tool that helps to repair the so-called “ghosts” that sometimes appear when creating an HDR image. These “unwelcome guests” (semi-transparent doubled passersby, cars, tree leaves, etc) are a result of combining a series of source photos that contain moving objects. HDRFactory will help you to remove these artifacts.

Akvis HDRFactory can also imitate the HDR effect using only one photo by creating a pseudo-HDR. This technique is useful if you don’t have a series of images with different exposures.

HDRFactory supports presets. You can save frequently used settings as presets and then apply these same settings to other photos. The program supports files in the RAW format.

Akvis HDRFactory is available in two versions — as an independent program (standalone) and as a plug-in to a photo editor. A home license for either version costs US$69. Both home and business users can enjoy the full line of Akvis programs in the Akvis Alchemy Bundle (Retoucher, Chameleon, Multibrush, Enhancer, Refocus, HDRFactory, Coloriage, Noise Buster, Sketch, Decorator, LightShop, ArtSuite, SmartMask, Magnifier, ArtWork, and NatureArt) with the discount of 60% over purchasing each separately.