SQLBoss 1.0 – Final Release now out!
Download at http://www.SQLBoss.com

For immediate release!

Vienna, Austria – November 15th, 2001

We are proud to announce the release of SQLBoss Series 1.0 and our new
enhanced website. With the help of our customers and members we were able
to improve SQLBoss to a very functional and stable stage. The truly user
friendly interface enables quick navigation to the wealth of functionality.

SQLBoss Monitor and SQLBoss Developer – The ultimate Database & Content
Management System for many SQL databases like mySQL, PostgreSQL, FrontBase,
OpenBase, ODBC and many more. SQLBoss offers beta drivers for Valentina,
Oracle, dtfSQL and 4D. Drivers for Microsoft SQL Server, mSQL and Primebase
will be released with future versions. Runs under Mac OS 8.1 and Mac OS X.
The final release version for Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP will be available
before the end of the month.

SQLBoss Monitor is the first-choice tool for managing the content of
web-enabled databases. The import/export functionality and the dynamically
generated data entry layouts provide a very easy and flexible way to keep
websites up-to-date. With the built-in WYSIWYG HTML Field-Editor it is even
possible to emphasize text (e.g. bold, italic) with a single click.

SQLBoss Developer is the premier application for rapid database development
on remote hosts. Designers can create and change databases. Additionally it
includes all features of SQLBoss Monitor.

Both applications support a wide range of file formats for importing (I)
and exporting (E) data, which helps to speed up data management work: SQL
(I/E), CSV (I/E), TabText (I/E), Excel (E), HTML (E), PHP (E), SQLBossText
(E) and XML (E). DBF is subject to future releases.

The included backup utility for automated database backups, does all the
backup jobs for you.
Simply select your tables and the time schedule, select the backup
destination and start your backup. It will run automatically once/twice per
day, per week or per month, based on the given time schedule.

There is also a series of plugins for SQLBoss Developer and SQLBoss
Monitor. The plugins enhance the software and enable a wealth of great
features such as out-of-the-box News- and Mail-Management. Developers
producing dynamic websites appreciate the simplicity of the application.

Users who have no access to a database-server may use the rentAbase.com
service offered by Crosslinks at http://www.rentAbase.com. It will give
developers immediate access to a database and webspace for dynamic webpages.

At this stage we offer free testing environments on our database servers,
supporting mySQL, PostgreSQL and FrontBase.

CUSTOMERS can log in in the members area and will receive automatically a
new Serial Number for SQLBoss Developer 1.0

In the queue:
– SQLBoss Layouter goes alpha
The true database designing tool. Everybody who is familiar to
Filemaker and Access will appreciate the simplicity on how to
create, compile and distribute layouts on Unix databases.

New modules are at work for plug and play Internet CMS Solutions
ASPs will soon be informed on how to add value to their existing
services or generating new profits.

More news on our website at http://www.SQLBoss.com

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