From: Jay Van Vark (
Subject: WebCatalog 4.0 has been released!

We are proud to announce the release WebCatalog 4.0. We are very excited
about the power and flexibility that this release brings!

WebCatalog 4.0 has lots of new features including:

~ Build an unlimited number of sophisticated eCommerce web sites
right from your browser.
~ Integrated order management that includes support for major payment
authorization systems.
~ Free extensions for Dreamweaver ease custom WebDNA development.
~ Upload product graphics and more right from your browser.
~ Automatically indexes your web site for maximum search engine exposure.
~ Open integration including support for Java and other technologies.
~ High speed internal database included as well as industry standard
SQL connections.
~ True multi-platform support including Windows, Mac, Solaris, Linux
and others.

WebCatalog 4.0 has lots of new contexts including:

[If] [Then] [Else]
[Switch] [Case]
Search: [Sum], [Min], [Max], [Avg]
FileInfo:[ImageWidth], [ImageHeight]
List Words: [Delimiters]

WebCatalog 4.0 is available from at:

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