Tribeworks today posted a new update for iShell, it’s popular multimedia
authoring environment. iShell 1.2.1 can be downloaded for free from the
Tribeworks website:!

The highly anticipated iShell 2 is in Beta and is seeded to our Full Members.
To learn more about Full Membership, visit:

What’s New in iShell 1.2.1 ~

Features enhancements added in 1.2.1 include:
Reload option for the Switch command;
The iShell Runtime is easier to customize for large/small projects;
2 button mouse support for Mac.

Bug fixes in iShell 1.2.1:
A bug that would corrupt iShell documents in the prior
software release has been fixed.
Several crashing bugs involving Scrollers, Movies, Fields,
RTF Text, QT Effects, Launch URL, Full Screen mode,
Printing and Screensavers were fixed.

Please visit the Free Member area of the Tribeworks site to learn more
about iShell 1.2.1, and to obtain the v1.2.1 Release Notes and the iShell
Guide for more details