Hooked In Motion has launched icollectmedia.com coinciding with their latest update of the iPhone app, iCollect Movies. Version 3.4 of iCollect Movies brings a new Sync tab to the application, which now allows users to sync their movie collections to and from the web.

Users of the app are then able view and make changes to their entire movie collection at icollectmedia.com for free. On icollectmedia.com users are able to view their entire collection of movies. Users can add and remove items, as well as search for new items to add based off of title or barcode. A unique username and password is available for free to every user of iCollect Movies.

With iCollect Movies version 3.4, users will now see revamped Sync and Settings tabs. The new Sync tab enables users to sync their collections to and from icollectmedia.com, as well as enable users to share one library of movies across multiple devices.

The new version of iCollect Movies also has a revamped Settings area, pointing users to view the new icollectmedia.com site, as well as a new Tutorials section that will break down how syncing works. Hooked In Motion plans to roll these features out to the other iCollect app products in the near future.

iCollect Movies 3.4 is US$2.99 at the Apple App Store.