360Works, a FileMaker product developer and innovator, today announced the immediate availability of SuperContainer 2.75 (http://360works.com/supercontainer), which has been optimized to support FileMaker Go on iPhone and iPad.

The update doesn’t require any programming or database changes for existing SuperContainer users. 360Works SuperContainer offers advantages for making documents such as PDF, Word files, QuickTime movies, and graphic images available to mobile users on FileMaker Go such as faster image display and the ability to view PDF files, Microsoft Office documents, and QuickTime movies.

Also, to use regular container fields with FileMaker Go, your container data must be embedded inside your FileMaker database. This can lead to very large file sizes, which are difficult to transfer and back up. SuperContainer stores all data as individual files outside your main FileMaker database. This keeps your FileMaker files trim and lightweight.

SuperContainer is immediately available for download or purchase starting at US$195 for up to 10 users. Version 2.75 is a free update for existing customers of version 2 or higher. SuperContainer is included in the 360Works Portfolio License bundle, so existing 360Works Portfolio License holders can use their license key to register SuperContainer at no extra charge.