Vidyo ( says its Vidyo platform now supports Apple’s iPad 2, Motorola’s XOOM tablet and the Atrix 4G smart phone utilizing the VidyoTechnology Software Development Kit (SDK) that’s available to partners to create applications.

Vidyo’s communication and collaboration platform provides a 720p High- Definition (HD) multipoint video conferencing solution on the Apple tablet. Using Vidyo’s platform, customers can join video conferences from anywhere using the device of their choice: smart phones, tablets, desktops, room systems or telepresence endpoints — on client applications built by Vidyo or partners with the Vidyo SDK.

“The faster CPU of the Apple iPad 2 and its front and rear-facing cameras, make it an exciting platform that begs for HD multipoint video communication and collaboration,” says Ofer Shapiro, Vidyo’s CEO and co-founder. “Vidyo was able to use its SDK to enable the Apple iPad 2 to participate in high-definition 720p multipoint video conferencing within hours of general availability of the device. Just like the multi-core architecture in computerss allowed us to provide personal telepresence to the desktop a few years ago, the same evolution on mobile platforms is opening up the market for Vidyo in the hand-held space.”

Vidyo was demonstrated as the first TV quality multipoint conference on a smart phone during the keynote address at CES 2010. Since then, the Vidyo platform has expanded to support the iPad, iPhone 4, iPod, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S smart phone, the Google Nexus S, multiple other Android phones and tablets, and now the iPad 2, XOOM and Atrix.

Vidyo’s communication and collaboration platform was licensed last year for the first commercially available mobile multipoint video conferencing service available on any telecom carrier network. Vidyo’s SDK and APIs [application programming interfaces] are available today for devices running iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems and are currently used by partners like Elisa of Finland, who released the first mobile multipoint video conference service on the Samsung Galaxy Tab and smart phone. Additional Vidyo- powered mobile offerings will be announced soon by partners.

Vidyo’s solution is software-based, so can be expanded, upgraded, and customized for customers’ individual enterprise and vertical market video conferencing needs. Vidyo’s product line spans a range of potential applications, from the VidyoDesktop with personal telepresence capabilities on a Mac or PC to the VidyoRoom that encodes and decodes HD-quality video at up to 60 frames per second.