MacTech Labs, part of “MacTech Magazine” (, has released its latest testing results of its study of gaming under virtualization.

MacTech’s goal was to see how well Windows games played under Parallels Desktop 6 for Mac, and give customers advance information on what the experience they can expect. MacTech has released the results including video captures of each game, playability scores, and frames per second.

Testing specifically focused on how well the game performed and playability, rather than an evaluation of each game itself. Games were selected based on whether they were Windows-only, their popularity, and rankings from top gaming sites, and are a good representation of the questions MacTech receives about Windows gaming on the Mac. The tests were performed on MacBook Pros running Windows 7.

“MacTech Labs has been doing product evaluations and testing for more than 20 years,” says said Neil Ticktin, publisher/editor-in-chief, “MacTech Magazine.” “Our focus is to help the community not only in making decisions, but with real-world and how-to answers. In this case, we wanted to help people understand how well gaming could work under virtualization (a common question we get at the magazine). As we played each game, we created a video screen recording so that people could see for themselves how the games looked and felt to play. Combined with playability scoring and frames per second, users can get a real expectation of what each of these games will run like before they purchase them.”
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