Overall shipments of graphics devices for 2010 came in below expectations with an unimpressive 4.3% total year to year growth — a disappointing result given the enthusiastic start of the year, according to Jon Peddie Research (http://www.jonpeddie.com).

Q4 of 2010 didn’t boost the year as expected. Instead of the traditional seasonal pickup, market leader Intel showed decline, which affected the overall results. Over 113 million graphics chips and CPUs with graphics shipped in Q4 2010. Intel was the leader in unit shipments for Q4’10, elevated by Clarksdale, continued Atom sales for Netbooks, and Sandy Bridge. However, on a quarter-to-quarter basis AMD and Nvidia gained market share at Intel’s expense.

AMD reported graphics was 26% of the company’s total sales, an increase of 8.7% sequentially and 0.7% from last year. The graphics business benefited from a double-digit volume increase.
Intel reported revenue from chipset and other revenue of US$1.68 billion in Q1; however, that doesn’t include embedded graphics CPUs. Nvidia’s quarter, which straddles the calendar quarters reported revenues of $844 million for their fiscal Q3’11 which runs from September to the end of January.