Subject: Drop Drawers / X 1.5 Release
From: Gideon Greenspan (

Sig Software is proud to announce the simultaneous release of version 1.5
of Drop Drawers for both Mac OS 7/8/9 and as a native Carbon application
for Mac OS X. According to MacUser UK, “Drop Drawers is the most elegant
solution yet to the launcher concept.”

Drop Drawers is a revolutionary user-interface enhancement which provides
floating pull-out, snap-shut drawers on the sides of your screen to store
text, URLs, aliases, scripts, pictures, sounds, movies and anything else.

Version 1.5 is a major upgrade adding dozens of new features, including
configurable grids with multiple styles and arranging options, support for
AppleScripts with built-in compilation and parameter passing and several
included drawer templates.

More information and the download are available at:

The direct link for the Mac OS X version is:

A Japanese translation of version 1.5 is also immediately available. Other
translations should follow in future.

Thank you,

Gideon Greenspan
Sig Software