You might want to rethink that Christmas tie for Dad or that bottle of perfume for Mom. Just in time for the holidays, 50+ marketing specialist DMW Direct ( says consumers over the age of 50 are recasting our images of what growing older looks like. Consider putting an iPad in their stocking.

DMW Direct compiled a list of top holiday gifts for 50+ Moms and Dads:

° iPad. Unlike the stereotype of older consumers being averse to new things, Boomers are among the biggest buyers of new technology.

° Facebook 101. A Pew Internet and American Life study says almost half of adults 50–64 are now using social networking — older adults are the fastest growing group signing on.

° E-reader. Forget about a book with oversize print. Sure, Dad may be having trouble with his eyesight — but adults 50+ are 10 times more concerned about the environment than their parents were and 20 times more likely to be comfortable with technology.

° Travel guide book. Adults 50+ account for 80% of all luxury travel spending. A guide book – especially one relating to a hobby or interest like touring baseball parks, historical sites, wineries or botanical gardens – is a great way to help them start planning that big trip.

° Health club membership. People 55+ are the fastest-growing population in the nation’s health clubs. Two of the hottest new classes offered by health clubs are Zumba — combining exercises with Latin dance moves — and Nia – pairing Latin dance with tai chi and yoga.

As you think about your parents and their individual interests, other possibilities may come to mind, says Bill Spink, chief creative officer, DMW Direct. Ballroom dance lessons (Are they “Dancing with the Stars” fans?), a Wii system, loading their iPod with Beatles tunes, new fishing gear or even a Jimi Hendrix box set.