SmartFish Technologies ( has launched the Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse for Macs and PCs. It “adapts to the natural motion of your hand,” according to Dr. Jack Atzmon, president and CEO of Smartfish Technologies.

The Whirl Mini Notebook Mouse was developed in collaboration with The Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, whose mission statement is to “improve mobility and the quality of life for all.” This is the Hospital’s first collaboration on a consumer product in its 160-year history, says Atzmon.  A portion of the Whirl’s proceeds will be donated to the Hospital for Special Surgery Rehabilitation Education Fund to help further research of technologies.

The Whirl Mini Notebook Laser Mouse features an ambidextrous design, 1600-dpi hi-def laser sensitivity, 2.4MHz wireless connectivity and long battery life.  It comes in an array of colors — including carbon fiber, black, blue, silver, red and white — and is available for pre-order for US$49.95. It’s slated to ship in early December.