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— FireSite Delivers High Bandwidth for Web Servers, Economically.
Webmasters Deliver “T-1 Speeds” Using ISDN, Modems; Serve Hundreds of
Thousands of Hits Per Day —

Boston, MA., May 13, 1997 — ClearWay Technologies, Inc. today announced
availability of FireSite(TM) Blazing Web Site Accelerator version 2.0, an
updated version of ClearWay’s Web site acceleration software for the Mac(r)
OS. The software, which can deliver “T-1 speeds” from Web sites using ISDN
or modem lines, now offers enhanced functionality including a powerful and
complete “Virtual Domain Management” system, protection against “media
hijacking”, and dynamic multimedia “Themes.” ClearWay has announced
introductory prices for FireSite 2.0, starting at US$99.00, and has made
30-day evaluation copies of FireSite freely available on their Web site.

FireSite’s introductory price of $99 for the Speed Booster Edition, $349
for the Standard Edition and $839 for the Multimedia Edition are effective
through June 30, 1997 and include free upgrades for one year.

“FireSite’s power to accelerate a Web site beyond the limits of its
Internet connection is already changing the economics of the Web,”
explained Mark Kriegsman, president of ClearWay Technologies. “Our FireSite
customers are running high-performance, T-1 speed Web sites over affordable
ISDN and 56K lines. One customer is running a FireSite server over a 33.6K
dialup modem line, and their site is handling over a quarter million hits a

“FireSite 2.0 delivers substantially higher performance than the 1.0
version,” continued Kriegsman. “It scans Web pages a hundred times faster,
detects Web site changes in as little ten seconds, and delivers HTML pages
twice as fast. The new FireSite 2.0 replicates files faster and maintains
this very high level of performance even when hosting multiple Web sites on
a single server through FireSite’s integrated Virtual Domain Manager. Web
sites running FireSite 2.0 can easily exceed T-1 performance, for a
fraction of the cost.”

FireSite 2.0 users are equally enthusiastic. On the subject of FireSite’s
cost savings, John Catlin, president of ( in
Shutesbury, Mass. said, “We are saving over $500 a month and that’s a lot
when you have a small company. If it wasn’t for FireSite we would have to
spend that $500 every month, and we’d probably still need a faster
connection.” Even beyond the substantial savings, Webmasters appreciate the
publishing power that FireSite brings them. “My WebSTAR folder now weighs
in at over 250 MB, and hosts 4 full domains. I have 5 machines on the
Internet, and I’m serving the world through a 28.8k modem,” writes a.h.s.
boy, Webmaster for Dada Typographics (, “It just wouldn’t
have been possible without FireSite.”

Most-Requested Features, Including Complete Virtual Domain Manager The
FireSite 2.0 Standard and Multimedia Editions incorporate a number of
features consistently requested by Mac Webmasters, including a complete
“virtual domain manager.” Unlike all previous attempts to bring Web site
“multihoming” to the Mac OS, FireSite 2.0’s virtual domain manager is
compatible with all browsers (old and new), all web-crawlers, creates
‘clean’ URLs (no www2), and works with all HTML coding styles. FireSite
2.0 even makes other CGIs and plug-ins multihoming-savvy. With a
fully-graphical interface, and no need for multiple IP addresses, a
Webmaster can set up FireSite virtual domains in minutes and host an
unlimited number of virtual sites. By combining the most advanced virtual
domain system ever created with FireSite’s Web site acceleration, FireSite
2.0 makes Web hosting on Mac OS a powerful new option for Mac Webmasters.
“FireSite has allowed us to undertake three magazine projects which will be
online in the next 45 days with our Apple Workgroup Server 6150/66 and a
dedicated dialup line,” said Tim Taplin of Colorado Business Systems.
“FireSite allowed us to undertake these projects with a minimal startup and
ongoing investment without giving up performance. Now that we have seen
FireSite in action, we are aggressively pursuing web design and hosting

Accelerates Internet Multimedia: FireSite 2.0 Multimedia Edition For
professional Webmasters building multimedia Web sites, FireSite 2.0
Multimedia Edition includes the ability to accelerate QuickTime, Shockwave,
QuickTimeVR, Stuffit & BinHex Files, PDF files, Java, and all binary
files. Since multimedia and live-media Web sites are frequently the target
of “media hijacking,” FireSite 2.0 includes an advanced “anti-hijacking
system” that can block unauthorized use of media objects. The Multimedia
Edition can also instantly apply a visual ‘theme’ and environmental sound
to an entire Web site. Webmasters can easily design their own themes, and
the “one click” themes not only impress prospective clients, but also can
be used to apply a “seasonal” look to a Web site without HTML recoding.
Close integration with Maxum Development’s NetCloak 2.5 allows Mac
Webmasters to present different visual themes to each visitor, based on
platform, time of day, or other dynamic factors.

Speed Booster Edition: Full Power Acceleration, Affordable $99 Price
Designed to improve the performance of every Mac OS Web site, FireSite
Speed Booster Edition delivers the full power of FireSite 2.0’s replication
and acceleration engine, accelerating a limited number of GIF and JPEG
files, up to a total of five megabytes. FireSite’s advanced monitoring
system dynamically adjusts which files are replicated, based on actual Web
site traffic. By delivering full-power FireSite acceleration for only $99,
all Mac Webmasters can take advantage of FireSite’s power. The $99
introductory price is good through June 30, 1997, after which time the
price will be $149.

About FireSite: T1 Speed from Affordable Internet Connections FireSite
breaks the T-1 price barrier that has forced designers and businesses to
make due with “hosting” their static Web pages on an ISP’s remote UNIX
server. With FireSite, instead of paying $1,000-$3,000 each month for a
dedicated “T-1” line, Webmasters can use more affordable Internet lines,
such as 56K, ISDN lines (or even analog modems) to run dynamic, interactive
Web servers. Through a unique patent-pending process of dynamic page
rewriting and caching FireSite can transforms these slower Internet
connections into “virtual T-1 lines” for Internet Web servers. A typical
Web site using FireSite, a 100Mhz Power Macintosh, and an ISDN line can
easily handle 100,000 hits per day. By using affordable Internet lines, a
FireSite-accelerated Web site can cost as little as $150 per month to run,
about a tenth of the cost of a dedicated “T-1” line but with all the
performance! Currently FireSite is available only for Mac OS, the most
popular choice among professional Web designers; ClearWay plans to make the
patent-pending FireSite technology available on other server platforms
later in 1997.

About ClearWay Technologies
ClearWay Technologies, Inc., located in Boston, Massachusetts, is the
leading developer of Internet acceleration tools. Founded in January 1996,
and privately held, ClearWay is best known for its FireSite Web Site
Accelerator. Further information on ClearWay Technologies may be obtained
by calling 1-888-55CLEAR, accessing ClearWay’s Web site at or by e-mailing

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