Dexim’s Elegant Collection for the iPad ( is a classy case for the Apple tablet. It comes with a soft inner lining, cleaning cloth and screen protector.

It has a hinged front that can be folded back and tucked under a tab in the back, letting you sit up the iPad in landscape orientation. This makes it easier to type, view photos, etc. Close the case with the iPad inside, and you can secure it shut with an elastic band.

The Elegant Collection offers access to all the iPad’s ports and buttons. However, it’s not easy to insert or remove the tablet from the case. The fit is a bit more than snug.

Still, the case looks and feels good. The leather is high quality. As for the screen protector, I couldn’t apply it without leaving air bubbles even with the squeegee-card. But my wife could, so there you go.

I personally prefer to use my iPad without a case or skin. But if you differ in this regard, the US$45.99 case Elegant offers a … well … elegant solution.

Rating: 7 out of 10

— Dennis Sellers