NLU Products ( has launched two new cases for the iPhone 4 from the Device Outfitters brand: Ciderz, ultra-thin side protectors with “flavor,” and Shelter, a hybrid between a hard-shell and sleek case that absorbs shock and enhances speaker clarity.

Available in nine flavor-inspired colors such as Black Cherry and Bubble Gum, the interchangeable Ciderz — which has a manufacturere’s suggested retail price of US#19.95) adds style to the iPhone 4 while preventing scratches, nicks and dents, says says Kirk Feller, president and CEO of NLU Products. Featuring raised edges to prevent the phone from directly contacting abrasive surfaces, iPhone 4 users can place Ciderz-covered devices anywhere without worrying about scratches to the glass screen and back, he addsd.

Shelter ($24.95) for the Apple iPhone 4 provides protection and shock absorption while improving speaker quality. It creates a 0.010-inch gap between the iPhone 4 and the shell, which purportedly helps to enhance speaker usage.

Both products combine rigid polycarbonate and soft TPE rubber. The interwoven materials, displayed as contrasting colors in many of the color schemes, provide protection and enhanced grip. With both cases, users can access all buttons and ports, and charge the device while the cases are on the phone, even when using third party accessories such as car chargers.