Revolutionary new XML export software for QuarkXPress

Atomik Xport Personal Edition 1.0 launched at Seybold San Francisco

San Francisco and London – September 8, 2003 – Easypress Technologies, the
leading developer of XML solutions for QuarkXPress, today launched Atomik
Xport Personal Edition, the revolutionary entry-level XML export software
for QuarkXPress. The new software promises ‘one-touch XML’ export from
QuarkXPress, enabling users to be up and running in minutes without any need
for configuration or manual content tagging.

“Up until now, the market for XML export software for QuarkXPress has been
very much polarised between low-end, low cost, low functionality,
‘well-formed XML’ export software and high-end, high cost, fully featured,
‘valid XML’ export software.” said Gavin Drake, Easypress Technologies
marketing director. “Atomik Xport Personal Edition provides a best of both
worlds approach by combining the simplicity of an entry-level XML export
solution with some of the advanced control features typically only available
in high-end products.”

No setup required
One of the key strengths of Atomik Xport Personal Edition is that there is
no setup required in order to be able to turn a QuarkXPress document into
XML. This is particularly important not only for users with limited XML
experience but also for companies for whom it would not be practical to have
to configure the export process for every type of QuarkXPress document they
work with. This includes translation companies, who increasingly use XML as
the translation format; book publishers; printers; and any companies
requiring a low-cost method of archiving QuarkXPress documents into content,
asset management and archiving systems.

Fully featured
Although there is no setup required, Atomik Xport Personal Edition comes
with a powerful set of global preferences. These enable the user to maximise
the consistency, usefulness and hence value of the XML. Some of the key
features in Atomik Xport Personal Edition include:

* Automatically extracts QuarkXPress content as XML.

* Auto DTD generation – can automatically create a DTD to fit the
well-formed XML extraction making it notionally valid.

* Exports image data – Any images in the QuarkXPress document can be
referenced in the XML including the image name, path, type, scale, size and
colour space.

* Box ordering control – Users can specify the order in which Atomik Xport
PE extracts the contents from the QuarkXPress document and even group
content together.

* Support for paragraph and character-level styling – Atomik Xport PE can
identify content using styling information at both a paragraph and character

* Doesn’t require the use of paragraph or character style sheets – Although
the usefulness of the XML will be greatly increased through style sheet
usage, it is not a requirement.

* Batch processing – Select a folder and Atomik Xport PE will automatically
export XML from all of the QuarkXPress documents in that folder.

* Control what is exported and the granularity – User configurable setup
specifies what content to export and the level of granularity required. You
can even set up a filter to only export content that is styled with style
sheet names that contain specified text strings.

* Optional inclusion of Formatting in XML – A range of formatting
information can also be optionally included within the extracted XML e.g.
font, style sheet, bold, italics etc.

* Support for UTF-8, UTF-16, ISO-8859 and ASCII/Unicode

Power at a competitive price
Easypress Technologies has been developing XML solutions for QuarkXPress for
over five years, reflected in the wide-spread adoption of its products by
professional publishers around the world. Atomik Xport Personal Edition has
been built on the highly successful Atomik Xport Standard and Developer
Edition products.

“With this new product, we wanted to develop a mature and fully-featured
product that would meet the needs of a wider audience, namely by being
competitively priced and easy-to-use,” said Mike Evans, Easypress
Technologies Atomik business director. “Atomik Xport Personal Edition has a
powerful feature set and crucially it delivers it at a price point that is
within the reach of every user likely to need XML export functionality from

Hot Pick Award
The product has already received accolades from the industry, being selected
as a Hot Pick product by The Seybold Report. Hot Picks are products that The
Seybold Report considers to be “must-see” items at the Seybold San Francisco
conference and exhibition.

“We’ve always been impressed with Easypress Technologies’ Atomik Xport
product. It is a powerful and well-thought-out tool for an important task,
but its sophistication and cost means that it is not appropriate for the
average QuarkXPress user.” said George Alexander, executive editor of The
Seybold Report. “So we are pleased that with Atomik Xport Personal Edition,
Easypress is repackaging a subset of this technology and making it available
to a broader audience.”

Atomik Xport Personal Edition will be demonstrated for the first time at
Seybold San Francisco this week. Visitors will also be able to see the first
version of Atomik Xport Standard and Developer Editions for Windows and the
new release of Atomik Roundtrip for QuarkXPress 6 (see today’s corresponding
press releases). Easypress Technologies is exhibiting and demonstrating its
full range of XML solutions in the pavilion at Seybold San Francisco on
booth #1054.

Pricing and availability
Atomik Xport Personal Edition is available direct from Easypress
Technologies and its resellers and system integrators worldwide. The
suggested retail pricing for a single-user licence is =A3695, $995 or Euro 9=
depending on the country of purchase. Further pricing for 5, 10, 50 and
100-user licence packs is available upon request.

About Easypress Technologies
Easypress Technologies ( develops easy-to-use cross-media
publishing software that empowers publishers to create, manage and publish
content in multiple media, efficiently and profitably. Its flagship products
include Atomik Roundtrip – software that provides full, bi-directional XML
support for QuarkXPress and Atomik Xport – automated QuarkXPress to XML
conversion software. The company has an extensive client list including FT
Business, Time Out, Roularta Media Group, Harvard Business School
Publishing, Sotheby’s, Jane’s Information Group, Euromoney and Centaur
Communications. Easypress Technologies is based in London, UK and is
privately held.