May 5, 1997

We, the undersigned, have developed and shipped software that works with
Apple’s OpenDoc component technology. As developers, we are firmly
committed to OpenDoc, the MacOS, and Apple. Today, OpenDoc provides a
superior development scenario for us and a superior usability scenario for
our customers. Even in this time of difficult decisions and new
directions, we believe Apple should strengthen its commitment to OpenDoc
and related ongoing projects, such as ODF and Cyberdog. OpenDoc just works
better. Someday, OpenDoc will rule the Desktop.


Brad Hutchings, Hutchings Software
Arni McKinley, MetaMind Software, Inc.
Bob Horst, ComGrafix, Inc.
Mike Nixon, Corda Technologies
Dean Capone, Apollo Technologies, Inc.

Contact Information:

Brad Hutchings Mike Nixon
General Partner, Corda Technologies
Hutchings Software (801) 763-0517
(714) 470-1520

Arni McKinley, Bob Horst
President and CEO, President,
MetaMind Software, Inc. ComGrafix, Inc. bobhorst@comgrafix.xom
(415) 381-8063 (813) 443-6807

Dean Capone
Apollo Technologies
(800) 959-9202