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Announcing The Image Processing Tool Kit Version 2.0

Charlotte, NC – May 2, 1997 – Reindeer Games announces the Image Processing
Tool Kit, version 2.0. IPTK 2.0 is a set of image processing and analysis
plug-ins for Adobe Photoshop and compatible packages on both the Macintosh
and the PC, and is intended as a companion to the popular Image Processing
Handbook, 2nd Edition, CRC Press.

The features in 2.0 include:
– Hybrid CD for Macintosh and PC
– 2x to 10x speed improvement from 1.0
– more than 75 plugins for the Mac and PC
– New tools for FFT processing
– An expanded tutorial for use with either Photoshop,
NIH Image (on the Mac), or UTHSCSA ImageTool (on the PC)
illustrating many of the types of problems requiring
image processing tools
– Tools to remove halftones from images
– New color tools and arbitrary color separation technology
– Calibration of images and measurements in scales from
microns to miles
– A set of more than 120 images for experimentation
– Use of arbitrary convolution kernels as big as 95×95
– Includes NIH Image (Mac) and UTHSCSA ImageTool (PC)

As a tool for the artist, there are a number of plug-ins that aid color
manipulation and separation, as well as new methods for combining images,
enhancing edges, or using tailored convolution kernels for special effects.

As a scientific tool, The Image Processing Tool Kit CD contains a wealth of
resources. A comprehensive set of plug-ins transform Photoshop into an
easy-to-use program for quantitative and scientific image analysis. The CD
includes algorithms to enhance visibility and extract characteristics,
nonlinear filters, math routines to combine images, adjustment routines to
correct defects, and color filters. An in-depth tutorial describes and
illustrates use of the image analysis tools.

For more information or updates check out our web site at:

Reindeer Games, Inc. is a Macintosh Game company formed in 1995 that got
sidetracked into Image and Video Processing software. The associates have
more than 35 years of Image Processing experience and two published books
on the subject. Reindeer offers two software packages: The Image Processing
Tool Kit, a set of plug-ins for Photoshop and compatible programs; and
Prism, a high-end Macintosh-based image analysis package for scientific
imaging and measurement.