MCE Technologies has announced the next generation QuickStream DV, a portable, camera-mountable digital video (DV) capture and storage solution. New features include the ability to playback recorded clips in the field, over FireWire, right to the DV camcorder’s LCD monitor. The updated device also offers SureCapture, which “ensures that you will never miss a single moment while recording: Up to 6 seconds of video are continuously being stored in the QuickStream DV’s video buffer, and this ‘pre-video’ is added to the front of the clip once the ‘Record’ button is pressed, guaranteeing you will never miss an important shot.” The new QuickStream DV is available for immediate shipping in 1.5 hour/20GB (US$599), 3 hour/40GB ($849), 4.5 hour/60GB, and 6 hour/80GB ($999) models.