IceWarp ( has released IceWarp Server 10.2, the latest in the version 10 product line that started with the release of 10.0 in November.

This latest version has put the emphasis on improving the end user experience and giving today’s modern workforce the flexibility and agility they need to thrive in a competitive business environment, says Christopher Knott vice president of Support Operations for IceWarp. Some of the new features include:

° Improved WebDAV, iPhone and iPad support — IceWarp now has full support the growing fleet of Apple devices: iCal on OS X 10.6 is now fully supported including access to shared calendars, invitations, free busy data and more. iPhone and iPad users can synchronize their calendars via CalDAV and contacts via CardDAV.

° Full time zone support — users can specify the time zone when creating a calendar event, support for UTC/GMT, and location/city, even globally.

° Email delivery reports — now users know exactly what happens to any email they send. Available reports tell if a message was delivered locally, successfully relayed, or even returned with an error.

° GTD principal support (Tasks As Events Synchronization) — IceWarp has the only solution that will display your Tasks on devices that do not support them natively (iPhone and others) by introducing the new ActiveSync Policy “Sync tasks as events.” Following the GTD (Getting Things Done) organizational method, IceWarp Server 10.2 will synchronize your Tasks as events to display them on your mobile device’s calendar allowing full management — edit, create and delete.

° IceWarp Desktop Client 10.2 — support for localized email and GroupWare default folders through the XLIST command, improved search functionality, support for custom dictionaries, improved Anti-Phishing controls, new time zone handling for birthdays and anniversaries, and more stability and performance optimizations.