LANDesk Software ( has announced the latest versions of LANDesk Management Suite 9 and LANDesk Security Suite 9. The management of mobile devices is a major component of this new release, enabling organizations to instantly discover, secure and manage smart mobile devices on a corporate network through a single LANDesk management console.

Additionally the LANDesk suites now offer simplified infrastructure management, enhanced software distribution and license monitoring capabilities and updated antivirus and anti-spyware for endpoint security, says Steve Workman, vice president of product management, LANDesk Software. The upgraded solutions, with numerous new features and functionalities, reduce risks and software expenses, while increasing productivity in several key areas, including:

° Mobility Manager, which extends LANDesk’s management reach to address the rapidly growing adoption of personal devices like iPads, iPhones, Blackberries and Android-based devices. LANDesk Mobility Manager allows device discovery, without an agent installed on a device, and the ability to display all discovered devices in a single management console.

° Simplified management infrastructure: LANDesk Management Suite and LANDesk Security Suite include new dynamic reporting and role-based administration enhancements that are fully integrated in the console. The reporting solution features dynamic reporting that requires less server infrastructure.

° Software management: LANDesk Management Suite has enhanced its software distribution and license monitoring capabilities.

° Endpoint security: The LANDesk Security Suite is hardening and protecting the IT environment with a layered security approach to prevent data loss and ensure regulatory standards enforcement including HIPS compliance. The new version includes updated antivirus and anti-spyware engines and Device Control Management (DCM) and software management. In addition, this latest version incorporates an FDCC Scanner and related content, which enables government entities to scan their desktops for Federal Desktop Core Configuration standards.

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