Aqua Connect (, the folks behind the enterprise grade Mac terminal server, says that Sun Media Corporation and Database Publishing Systems, Inc., have chosen Aqua Connect Terminal Server as their Mac deployment solution. Aqua Connect also announced support for the Adobe Creative Suite 5 volume licensing edition.

Sun Media Corporation and Database Publishing Systems were faced with the possibility of moving off of the Mac platform for their application deployment. Their users and customers were dependent on Mac applications, which made switching platforms costly and time-consuming. Aqua Connect’s OS X terminal server enabled both organizations to centralize their Adobe Creative Suite deployment and give their end-users and customers remote access to custom Mac applications.

“The Mac platform and applications have experienced an overwhelming adoption rate within the media and publishing corporations,” says Renee Mehrian, executive vice president of Aqua Connect. “To meet this demand a Mac terminal services solution is necessary for these organizations to operate at a optimum level of efficiency and fulfill their customers’ expectations.”

By adopting the Aqua Connect Terminal Server, these organizations have also been successful in creating a mixed hardware environment internally, he says. The ability to use Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol for OS X terminal services allows organizations to repurpose existing Windows machines. Sun Media Corporation and Database Publishing Systems were able to experience significant cost savings by deploying Aqua Connect’s solution, according to Mehrian.

Aqua Connect also announced support for Adobe Creative Suite 5. Users with the volume licensing version will be able to create a multi-user Adobe environment with Aqua Connect Terminal Server.