Recosoft Corp. ( is shipping PDF2ID Standard/Professional 3.0, an upgrade of the PDF-to-InDesign conversion tool for Mac and Windows platforms. PDF2ID converts PDF files to native InDesign documents.

Version 3.0 incorporates over 150 new features and enhancements and has been designed to operate with Adobe InDesign CS3/CS4/CS5. What’s more, PDF2ID 3.0 enables the conversion of variable page size PDFs to variable page size InDesign documents and contains new options to control how graphics objects are processed.

Finally, PDF2ID v3.0 intelligently identifies text frame wrapping around graphics objects ensuing in better layout accuracy in the resulting InDesign file, according to the folks at Recosoft.

PDF2ID v3.0 is available immediately from the Recosoft web store in the following configurations: PDF2ID Standard 3.0; US$299; PDF2ID Professional 3.0, $399;
PDF2ID Standard 3.0 Upgrade, $129 (for PDF2ID v1.x/2.x licensees); PDF2ID Professional 3.0 Upgrade, $159 (for PDF2ID v1.x/2.x licensees). Customers who purchased PDF2ID v2.x licenses on/after Aug. 1, 2010, are entitled to a free upgrade to PDF2ID 3.0.