Navara ( has introduced version 6.2 of the Navara Mobility Suite. This new version enables software providers to mobilize any B2B application or workflow onto any device, including the iPhone.

With all major device types supported by the Navara Mobility Suite — including Windows Mobile, Blackberry and iPhone — software companies can now support their client’s growing mobile workforces, especially in healthcare, sales and field service organizations, says Ken Heard, vice president of sales, Navara. Allscripts, the largest supplier of healthcare software in the United States, is the first user of version 6.

In addition to support for iPhone, version 6.2 of the Navara Mobility Suite introduces the Navara Store to help improve the control, configuration and administration of mobile applications onto different devices. Simplified system management tools make it possible to remotely install the software client, and new communication settings allow end-users to configure the mobile device without assistance from IT departments.

Additionally, any application mobilized by the Navara Mobility Suite can now be centrally personalized for users by importing user information from the organization’s software system. Version 6.2 also improves enterprise application security by giving companies the ability to remove information from the mobile devices of users who are no longer supported by main system. Contact Navara for pricing options.