e-zy.net (http://www.e-zy.net) has released the EZBase 2.4GHz or 5GHz wireless base station or client system, with 15 hours of integrated battery backup. Real world throughput is purportedly up to 25Mb per second and useable range is up to 20 miles with customer supplied antenna.

“The main feature of this base station, which sets it apart from any other product available on the market today, is its ability to provide 24/7 operation in areas where AC power is not 100% reliable ” says e-zy.net CEO Scott Parsons. “In addition to providing battery backup, the power system filters the power to the electronics so it is less susceptible to power line surges and spikes generated by nearby lightning strikes or other grid fluctuations. This increases the inherent operational reliability of the system.”

The new EZBase-2 and EZBase-5 are 250mW transmit power systems that comply with 802.11abg industry standards for interoperability. They can be configured as an access point, client, point to point or repeater. They have built-in bridge and router functionality.

The integrated EZOS firmware has an advanced feature set with features like: Advanced WPA security (AES or TKIP), Driverless Web-based control panel, Seamless Roaming between access points, Built-in DHCP client or server, MAC Address filtering, VOIP Friendly QOS, Antenna Alignment, Statistics, SNMP, etc. The manufacturer’s retail pricing starts at US$299.