Ilium Software has released eWallet (, an US$19.95 password manager for Mac OS X. Many of the features that customers know and trust from eWallet for Windows are included in eWallet for Mac, but with a interface just for Mac owners, according to the folks at Iliumn.

With Ilium Software’s SyncPro technology, eWallet for Mac syncs with a user’s iPhone, iPad or iPod touch via WiFi. Wallet files can also be synced with other computers on the same network and external storage devices like USB thumb drives.

All current eWallet 7 for Windows PC owners can use the Mac OS X version at no additional cost. New customers can purchase eWallet for US$19.95 from Ilium Software’s online store. For one price, customers can use eWallet on their Mac, as well as any Windows Mobile device, BlackBerry, or Windows PC they own. eWallet 7 also includes access to Ilium Software’s free eWallet Viewer for Android.

Customers can also add eWallet for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch for $9.99 by purchasing the iOS version of eWallet through the iTunes App Store.