VoiceServe (http://www.voiceserve.com), an Internet telephony software and service provider, says its wholly-owned subsidiary, VoipSwitch, now offers a Vippie softphone dialer for iPhones, iPods and iPads.

VoipSwitch’s softphone even enables iPad owners to use the tablet computer as a cell phone. The Vippie dialer requires access to the Internet and an account with VoipSwitch’s Call-to-PBX. Users are able to make and receive calls, use voicemail, dial from contact lists, record calls and more using the Vippie dialer.

The Call-to-PBX “iPhone softphone” is designed specifically to leverage the iPhone’s unique capabilities on all its devices, according to VoiceServe CEO Michael Bibleman. The Call-to-PBX softphone works just like standard SIP softphones and connectivity is either through 3G, Edge or Wi-Fi.

Communication between registered users is free and the Call-to-PBX dialer can use contacts from the iPhone. The dialer shows the charge per minute when dialing a given destination and the time span of the call, and even the balance on the user’s account. It also maintains call logs with a capability to redial and provides direct access to voicemails.