Subject: WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 PB5 Released
From: “Eric Zelenka” (

StarNine Technologies today announced the release of WebSTAR Server
Suite 4.0 (aka WebSTAR 4.0) Public Beta 5, now available for download
and testing at:


WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 PB5 is likely the last Public Beta release
version of the server before the Final Candidate so we encourage
everyone to download and test this latest release.

WebSTAR Server Suite 4.0 includes literally hundreds of new features
and improvements including a dramatically faster Web server and
caching architecture, a new WebSTAR Mail server supporting
SMTP/POP/IMAP with LDAP and Web-based email access capabilities,
integrated SSLv2 and SSLv3 with support for multiple IP addresses,
certificates and encryption options, and Lasso-based publishing of
FileMaker and ODBC databases.

We’re confident that you’ll find WebSTAR Server Suite easy to use,
fast, powerful and reliable.

Eric Zelenka
WebSTAR Product Manager
StarNine Technologies, Inc.