Globalstor Data Corp. ( — an integrator of
RAID, SAN and storage/video servers — is previewing the latest
version of its iTrax portable audio file storage device at Winter
NAMM 2010. Offering sound professionals multi-user access to
consolidated, centralized and fully searchable data, the new version
of iTrax operates over a standard LAN or WAN network and comes in a
portable “lunchbox”-style casing.

The latest version of iTrax is designed for ProTools and similar
audio post environments. Equipped with a solid-state 64-bit iSCSI and
NAS operating system, it utilizes an iSCSI initiator to appear as a
local disc drive on any computer connected to the LAN or WAN. Once
the user plugs it into a networked device and the iSCSI initiators
are loaded, every host system on the network can see and share all
stored data. Engineers on separate workstations can simultaneously
edit and mix different sessions stored on any iTrax server.

With iTrax, audio professionals have centralized storage and
retrieval of multiple sessions at their fingertips, according to
Scott Leif, president, Globalstor. In addition, users can remotely
log into sessions from anywhere in the world using any Internet
Protocol-based graphical user interface, he adds.

The new version of iTrax comprises a standalone tower with a handle,
and includes five drives with optional RAID 5 redundancy. Storage
capacity ranges from 2.5 TB to 10 TB (five-drive unit). Other iTrax
servers are available in various configurations, ranging from an
eight-drive solution with RAID protection on board to a 36-drive
version with multiple levels of RAID redundancy on board.