Quirky (http://www.quirky.com/?utm_medium=release&utm_source=tilt) has released Tilt, a community-developed case for the iPhone 4. The bumper-style case and stand costs US$28 and is designed to protect the edges of the smartphone.

The Tilt is constructed of plastic with a soft rubber front face and faceted edges. The sides of the case are angled for headphone cord wrapping, making your phone easier to grip. The Tilt also has a built-in stand function, so you can snap the back hinge to 90 degrees.

You can choose between portrait and landscape modes to watch your favorite media or use the new FaceTime feature. You can choose Tilt’s modern cut-out design in classic black-on-black, or get whimsical with our white and purple combo. lt is the 50th product designed and developed by the Quirky community since Quirky’s launch on June 2, 2009. Quirky gives everyone the chance to get product ideas out of their heads and onto shelves. Each week, Quirky’s community collaborates to select and produce one new product idea.