Griffin Technology ( has announced their latest creations for the iPad. The Loop stand (shown), the Power Block Plus charger, the 3 Meter USB to Dock Cable, and Elan Passport Nylon case for iPad.

The US$29.99 Loop holds your iPad securely in both landscape and portrait modes. Its cushioned cradle protects your iPad from scratches and prevents unwanted movement while you use it. The open-loop design leaves room to plug in your dock cable so you can charge or sync during use.

The $34.99 PowerBlock Plus adds an additional AC outlet to Griffin’s AC wall charger. Plug it into any 100 to 240 volt AC outlet and connect iPad, iPhone, or iPod for 2.1 amp charging. While it’s charging your device, PowerBlock Plus gives you an additional AC plug so you can leave the lamp, clock radio, etc., plugged in. Or even charge another iPad. Also available is the $29.99 PowerBlock Plus Universal, a universally-compatible charger with additional AC plug, designed to work with any device that charges via USB.

The 3 Meter USB to Dock Cable ($29.99) is almost 10 feet long and built with heavy-duty 16-gauge conductors to handle the 2.1 amp power needs of Apple’s iPad. Connect this cable to your computer’s USB port to sync your iPad, iPod, or iPhone — or to any 2 amp USB power source and charge from almost 10 feet away.

The $49.99 Elan Passport for iPad is now available in black nylon. The one-piece folio flips open to reveal your multi-touch display, then closes like a book for privacy and protection. Elan Passport’s microsuede lining protects your iPad from scratches and smudges. The inner cover includes pockets for cards and important papers, and the cover is held shut by a secure tab closure.