Connect One ( is shipping Wi-Reach Classic, an US$99, compact, battery-operated, mobile, personal WiFi hotspot that delivers high-speed Internet connectivity for laptops, netbooks, tablet PCs and other wireless devices, to distributors worldwide.

Wi-Reach Classic transforms existing 3G USB modem into a personal WiFi cloud that can be easily shared between as many as 10 WiFi devices. It provides natural mobile Internet connectivity for tablet devices such as Apple’s iPad that use WiFi as the main or only interface to the network, according to Erez Lev of Connect ONe.

In addition to supporting more than 130 3G modems worldwide, Wi-Reach Classic’s technology extends this support by identifying any 3G USB modems and attempting to deliver connectivity to unlisted modems as well. A built-in rechargeable battery delivers four to five hours of normal use that can be recharged using the built-in USB connector. Wi-Reach Classic’s battery can even be recharged during operation using the supplied AC adapter or a special two-headed USB cable that recharges the battery from the USB ports of a laptop computer.