The maker of MoneyWorks, Cognito Software, has released a free utility ( that solves the problem MYOB users experience when they want to change their accounting software, then struggle to extract the necessary financial data.

It’s common for organizations to have outgrown their accounting package, but have concerns about the difficulty of moving to a new solution and the accuracy of the data that is transferred. This can form an impasse that traps users in an uncomfortable situation, where they’re restricted by a system that no longer meets their needs and provides inadequate management information.

For MYOB users, exporting complete data is very difficult. For example, when they try to export their products/items list no stock on-hand information is included.

Previously, the only way to for MYOB users to change systems was by running reports and manually re-entering the information. Cognito has solved this problem. The free file converter will extract data from MYOB or Account Edge and import it into MoneyWorks.