Insider Software has released FontAgent Pro TeamServer (, which brings expandable font management capabilities to creative departments, corporate design teams and small agencies.

The TeamServer delivers consistency, control, power and expandability, while providing users the search, preview and activation power they require. Pricing is as low as US$895 for a complete font server solution.

TeamServer creates a centralized library of fonts of virtually any size that everyone can share. It installs, updates and collects fonts on user workstations automatically and provides and enforces consistent font usage across all users and projects. It gives users a variety of ways to search, preview and print fonts, such as:

° Search for fonts by name, weight , slant, keyword, classification and other characteristics;

° Find fonts — both locally and over the Internet — by topic (e.g. “winter”, “party” or “technology”);

° Display previews of fonts including comparisons and Insider’s Font Player slide-show technology — and print the results with full color control;

° Auto-activate fonts in top design apps including Adobe CS5 InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and QuarkXPress and other Mac OS X applications.

FontAgent Pro TeamServer enables administrators to:

° Assign permissions to different users for maintaining and installing fonts, distributing fonts and administering the server itself;

° Use live backup to archive fonts without taking the server offline or interrupting workflow;

° Manage font licenses and track their usage in real-time;

° Optionally stop users from installing unauthorized fonts.

TeamServer allows local users as well as remote users to receive and upload fonts. Remote users can connect over the Internet via a private network connection. What’s more, it’s expandable to larger groups without requiring re-installation or purchase of another product. Customers can also upgrade to the FontAgent Pro Enterprise Server and take advantage of enterprise directory-services connectivity, on-demand real-time font audit reporting, server replication, failover services, and Kerberos single-sign-on.

FontAgent Pro TeamServer requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later. It’s available in two configurations for five- or ten-person workgroups. The five-user edition is priced at US$895 and the ten-user at $1295. Additional users cost $149.95 each.