May 15, 2001 — Imacination Software, publishers of acclaimed Ch-Ching!
Instant E-commerce software, today announced the availability of their
exclusive bi-directional accounting integration software for use with
existing Ch-Ching! based online stores.

Ch-Ching! Accounting Connection, the new accounting integration
application announced recently in conjuction with Imacination Software’s
hosting service, is now available for purchase with all versions of
Ch-Ching! 3.1. Ch-Ching! Accounting Connection provides users of MYOB
AccountEdge for Macintosh – the most popular small business accounting
software for the Mac OS – the ability to fully synchronize their accounting
data with their online Ch-Ching! store – the most popular E-commerce
application for the Mac OS.

After launching the downloadable Accounting Connection application, all of
the merchant’s products will be uploaded to their online store and
available for immediate sale online. As sales are made online, the
Accounting Connection application will update the merchant’s accounting
software with proper order details. Merchants with large or varying product
lists can simply make changes within their accounting software, Accounting
Connection will synchronize the changes with their online store and even
update order information bi-directionally. Synchronization with Accounting
Connection, assures accuracy between pricing and inventory management and
relieves the merchant of the necessity of manually entering order
information captured online.

“We are continuing to deliver on our commitment to innovation in E-commerce
and the Macintosh community,” says Allon Bendavid, president of Imacination
Software. “The addition of accounting integration directly into our
E-commerce software completes simply the most advanced small business
E-commerce software available on any platform, at any price. If you are not
using Ch-Ching! to sell online now, you are simply missing out.”

“We are pleased about the Ch-Ching! integration with MYOB AccountEdge,”
remarks Tom Nash, Director of Product Management of MYOB US, Inc.
“AccountEdge and Ch-Ching! users will now be able to take advantage of this
outstanding product to E-commerce enable their retail businesses.”

About Ch-Ching!

Online stores built with Ch-Ching! feature seamless integration into the
most popular desktop and workgroup products. Using a browser based
administration, Ch-Ching! can adapt itself and E-commerce enable any
FileMaker Pro or other database.

Ch-Ching!’s exclusive shipping configuration, gives merchants the ability
to provide real-time integration with UPS and USPS shipping, as well as
combining with near limitless shipping options. Customers can track orders
online using UPS tracking as well.

Server-side credit card processing integrates directly into the merchant’s
existing business bank account to provide seemless payment processing.

Store templates designed for use in Adobe GoLive and Macromedia Dreamweaver
make site modifications easy and intuitive for all.

The Ch-Ching! product line is based on the Lasso Web Data Engine providing
the necessary database integration and ease of deployment.

Best of E-Commerce Class

As a primary component of its Small Business website, Apple highlights
leading Macintosh and Windows E-commerce solutions in a “good,” “better,”
“best” comparison where Ch-Ching! is showcased as “best” for its superior
security, agility and flexibility. Additional information about the “best”
Macintosh E-commerce solution may be found at

Case Study – Imacination Software

“We are firmly committed to our products and use them daily in our business
practices,” says Bendavid. “In house we use a combination of MYOB
AccountEdge for our own accounting purposes and custom designed FileMaker
Pro databases for our daily operations and customer care. We use Ch-Ching!
to connect all of these components so when customers purchase online at our
store, their information goes right in to our support database and their
order is synchronized right into AccountEdge.”

“Our software enables many businesses like our own to seamlessly integrate
all their business critical applications and conduct E-commerce in a manner
that is otherwise simply untainable at affordable small business prices.”
Bendavid adds, “That was exactly to goal in developing Ch-Ching!, and I
believe that what makes Ch-Ching! so good is that we use the products we

Pricing, Availability, and Requirements

During the month of May, Ch-Ching! Accounting Connection is available for
purchase at $99, $50 off of retail price of $149.

Additionally, anyone who buys a copy of Ch-Ching! 3.1 during the month of
May will receive a free copy of Ch-Ching! Accounting Connection.

The Ch-Ching! Accounting Connection application is currently available for
Macintosh users of MYOB AccountEdge. Support for the Windows platform
expected in the third quarter of 2001.

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About Imacination

Ventura, California based Imacination Software is a privately held company
focusing on the development of commercial E-commerce and Web application
software. Imacination Software can be reached by calling 800/244-5332, by
email to or on the Worldwide Web at