For Immediate Release


ALAMEDA, California — May 14th, 2001 — Schema Research has released
SRTransport 5.0.4. It offers greater stability overall, and the user
interface is improved with greater consistency and with a new “Interactive
SQL” feature, and a new data browsing feature. Data professionals will need
one less tool in their arsenal.

The driving purpose behind SRTransport is to bring data manipulation
capabilities into a user interface, to avoid programming against interfaces
such as Oracle’s OCI, Sybase’s CTLIB or to XML and JDBC libraries, etc. Yet
still take advantage of the features available in those API’s.

By offering multiple transport modes and data-editing expressions, what
used to be programming tasks, now become SRTransport solutions that all
data professionals (engineers and others) can create.

“SRTransport lets us solve problems quickly without programming, but most
importantly it lets us accomplish our work with much less assistance from
hospital MIS staff” says Shelly Peters, president of Legacy Data Access,

SRTransport will be showcased running on Mac OS X at WWDC next week in San
Jose, and is for sale at Schema Research and OpenBase International.

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