Free update improves appearance on Mac OS X, adds even more enhancements

May 15, 2001. Austin, TX – REAL Software, Inc. today shipped REALbasic 3.2,
its second free update for all REALbasic 3 owners. REALbasic utilizes Mac
OS X’s Aqua interface and operates on earlier versions of Macintosh System
software as well. REALbasic is the powerful, easy-to-use tool for creating
your own software for Macintosh, Mac OS X, and Windows. It is easy enough
for beginners and powerful enough for professionals to use, allowing them
to develop their software with a single set of user interface elements and
code without requiring any platform-specific adjustments.

REAL Software created this free update to improve the appearance of
REALbasic and the applications it creates for Mac OS X. All REALbasic users
should download this update because, while it adds Mac OS X exclusive
features, it also includes further major improvements to database
functionality, and more. Visit the REALbasic website for details on the
dozens of new features and numerous other enhancements in REALbasic 3.2.

“Each new release of REALbasic moves us closer to our goal of providing the
ultimate development tool for any platform,” said Geoff Perlman, President
and CEO of REAL Software. “We’ve accelerated our release schedule to
achieve that. We’re able to respond to user’s needs and changes in the
environments more quickly than ever before.”

REALbasic is available for US$149.95 for the Standard Edition and US$349.95
for the Professional Edition packages, direct from REAL Software. REAL
Software offers academic and volume discounts as well as license-only
options. In addition to US English, REALbasic is available in Dutch,
French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian, and Japanese. A special
Swedish package is also available.

About REAL Software:
REAL Software, Inc. was founded in 1996 and is based in Austin,
Texas. For more information visit or call
For more information about REALbasic 3.2, visit: