Synium Software has released Chronories 1.0 ( for Mac OS X (10.5 and higher), which is designed to offer a completely new way of writing a diary.

With Chronories, your diary gets written whether you contribute or not. In addition to writing your own entries, the app will gather, for example, local weather information, which web sites you visited, e-mails you received, how long you’ve been working on your Mac and which applications were running.

With only a few clicks, you can record how you feel today, places you went to, which topics stirred up your interest and capture a Desktop screenshot. Users whose Macs sport an integrated iSight or any other QuickTime compatible WebCam can take daily snapshots of themselves.

Thanks to Chronories’ Menu Bar Service, entering today’s mood, taking a screenshot, a snapshot of yourself or jumping directly to your diary page is a matter of merely one click. Chronories doesn’t even have to be running in order to gather all relevant information, the background service is responsible for tracking the Mac’s activity.

Until June, 30, Chronories is available at an introductory pricing of US$19. Starting July 1, the regular price will be $29.