The Etymotic hf3 headsets ( are now available, for the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad. It’s enhanced with Etymotic’s ACCU•Technology platform and uses ACCU•Driver technology precision-crafted balanced armatures.

The hf3 headset features a 3-button control pod with a close-proximity in-line microphone that lets iPhone users to pause music to engage in phone conversations, and for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad users to adjust volume and navigate through music tracks while in motion or on the go. Four noise-isolating eartips are included.

Etymotic offers earphones and headsets in three series. In the sub-US$100 price category is the revolutionary MC-Series, based on the ACCU•Technology approach and the patent-pending, Acoustic Control Chamber ACCU•Chamber driver housing. At the $300 mark, Etymotic’s ER series offers ACCU•Driver technology with hand-matched balanced armatures.

In the sub-$200 range, the HF series features precision-crafted ACCU•Driver technology with precision-crafted balanced armatures. The HF series includes: the hf2 noise-isolating earphone+headset with multi-function control button and close-proximity microphone; the hf3 noise-isolating earphone+headset with multi-function 3-button control pod and close-proximity microphone; and the hf5 noise-isolating earphone.