StyleGrid 2.5 is out:
REALbasic plug-in for creating styled spreadsheet controls. Supports
multiple views, different styles in each cell, colspan to join cells, cell
borders per cell. It also supports link modes where more than one
StyleGrids are linked to the same data but expose a second view to it.

New in 2.5:

* Introducing Einhugur Grid Rendering Engine 4.0, which gives much
faster cell rendering than previous versions.
* Win32 Target is now supported. (This is first implementation
of the Win32 support so it comes as is without guaranties).
* New properties of StyleGridCell:
+ BorderLeft
+ BorderTop
+ BorderRight
+ BorderBottom
+ BorderWidth
+ BorderColor
+ IsExtended

* New Methods of the StyleGrid:
+ MakeCellExtended

* Other changes are lots of tweaks and fixes here and there.